Door Inspections

Whether you are buying a new home, selling one or wanting to ensure your house is safe, inspections are always helpful. Gainesville home inspections can be seen as a physical for your home by helping identify damage and weak points. There are a variety of different home inspections you can request. Door inspections involve interior, exterior and garage doors.

Preparing for a Door Inspection

You may not know what is involved in a door inspection or what your should do before our Gainesville home inspector arrives. You should begin by making sure all of your doors are completely accessible. There should be no belongings blocking any of the interior doors or branches or leaves in front of exterior doors. There are several preventative steps you can take such as repairing caulking, weather stripping, door knobs and jams before your inspector even arrives. These inspections tend to last a few hours. During this time, our professional will take pictures and write notes depicting any problematic details for their report. It will be particularly helpful if you find an activity that will keep your family and pets out of your home so our team can be as efficient as possible.

Factors We Look at

During our door inspections, our goal is to determine any flaws in the function or insulation of your doors. We will carefully examine your exterior, interior and garage doors by first ensuring they open and close properly, latch securely and do not have any damaged hardware such as hinges, doorknobs and deadbolts. Our home inspector Gainesville, FL team will also check to see if they have weather stripping, caulking and trim that is in good condition. In your garage, it is vital that your garage door is operating correctly and command whether is automatic or manual. Not only does it need to open and close on command, but it should stop if it senses an obstacle impeding its path. Do your doorframes appear square? If they do not, it may be an indication that your house is shifting.

Professional Home Inspector in Gainesville, FL

If you are looking for a home inspection in Gainesville, FL, choose On Your Side Inspections. Unlike other companies, our priority is providing you with honest and quality results. We offer an unbiased, third party opinion so you can trust our assessment. When you need a company to inspect your doors, contact On Your Side Inspections today.