Four Point Inspections

Four Point Home Inspections are now required by Insurance companies when a homeowner wants to buy a new home, renew their policy or change insurance companies. These inspections are essential in houses that are 25 years or older because insurance companies want to be assured that the house is in excellent condition.

As a homebuyer or seller, you’ll want to ensure that your home is in optimal condition. A four point inspection that proves the excellence of your home could raise its value which is beneficial for sellers, and buyers should be aware of any issues at the home before they purchase.

What is a 4 Point Inspection?

These inspections focus on four main aspects of the house which include:

  • roofing
  • electrical wiring and panels
  • HVAC
  • plumbing

Our licensed home inspector will check the roof to determine how much longer it will last, the condition it is in and if there is damage already done to it. We will also check for the brand of the electrical panel, any hazards and the types of wiring used. The heating and air conditioning will be examined to determined how long ago it has been in use, what condition it is in and if there are any hazards associated with it. Lastly, our inspector will check under the sinks for leaks and to determine how old it is along with checking the water heater for leaks and its age.

Why Insurance Companies Require Inspections

Insurance companies prefer to have records of Four Point Inspections because they want to ensure the main elements of the house are in good quality. If they provide coverage for your home and it is not in good quality, something may happen which they would then be liable for covering. For instance, if wiring was already hazardous when you got insurance, and then it caused a fire while you were still covered by the same company, they might be forced to pay for the damages. By requiring Gainesville home inspections, insurance companies are decreasing the risk of losses they face.

Gainesville Four Point Home Inspections

When looking for thorough Gainesville home inspectors, it is important to find a reliable inspector. On Your Side Inspections makes sure you, as the homeowner, homebuyer or homeseller, are able to fully understand the condition of your home. We provide you with an easy-to-read report that will help you when negotiating with insurance companies. You also have the option to request an estimate for the cost for free so you can make a more educated decision. Additionally, with this inspection, your mind can rest easier knowing that these major four elements are in good quality. Contact On Your Side Inspections today to schedule an appointment for a home inspector Gainesville, FL relies on.