Home Inspectors: Electrical Inspections

On Your Side Inspections will inspect the main electrical panel as well as any sub-panels located in the home. All accessible outlets will be tested for proper polarity and grounding. All accessible outlets with ground fault circuit interrupters (GFCI) will be tested. All accessible outlets with arc flash circuit interrupters (AFCI) will be tested.

Electrical Inspections in Gainesville, FL

Additional electrical points inspected are as follows:

  1. Panel brand and general condition. There are some older panels that have been found to be dangerous. Many are still in service today in the Gainesville area.
  2. Type and condition of supply wires and distribution wires (aluminum or copper).
  3. Amperage capacity of all panels.
  4. Proper grounding and bonding.
  5. Cracked or missing breakers
  6. Undersized breakers
  7. Double taps (two wires going to one breaker).
  8. Improper splices.
  9. Visible junction boxes.
  10. Any other unprofessional wiring practices.
  11. Arc Faults vs. Ground Faults

It is important to distinguish arc flash circuit interrupters (AFCI) devices from ground fault circuit interrupter (GFCI) devices. GFCIs detect ground faults, which occur when current leaks from a hot (ungrounded) conductor to a grounded object as a result of a short-circuit. This situation can be hazardous when a person unintentionally becomes the current’s path to the ground. GFCIs function by constantly monitoring the current flow between hot and neutral (grounding) conductors, and activate when they sense a difference of 5 milliamps or more. Thus, GFCIs are intended to prevent personal injury due to electric shock. AFCIs are designed to detect small arcs of electricity before they have a chance to lead to a structure fire. AFCIs prevent personal injury and property damage due to structure fires.

Review of all low voltage wiring, including telephone, TV antenna, alarm, intercom, cable TV/internet, smoke/carbon monoxide detector, door bell and stereo wiring is not within the scope of our inspection. Consult the appropriate service technician for full evaluation of their operating conditions.