Hurricane Damage Inspections in Gainesville, FL

Because of its location, Florida is home to many hurricanes. They are frightening because they may cause harm to your family or to your home. Once the incident is over, it is important to ensure your home is actually safe for you and your loved ones. Whether damage is apparent or your house seems fine, it is beneficial to hire an inspector. On Your Side Inspections is able to provide you with a thorough Gainesville home inspection report that indicates damage you may not have noticed in order to file the proper insurance claims and get repairs done.

Areas of Focus

Because of lightning, strong winds, which may carry debris, and massive amounts of water there are many potential elements to your home that may become damaged. Our inspection will begin with an exterior assessment. The outside of the roof will be examined along with the exterior structure of your home. Your windows will need to be checked for scratches or cracks and your exterior doors for holes and other damages. Then we will determine the extent of the damage to your landscaping which includes trees, flowers, shrubs, fencing, decks and decorations. Finally, your air conditioning equipment must be analyzed. If you have a pool, our team will also evaluate the damage done to it and the accompanying pool screen.

Within your home, our Gainesville home inspectors will test the safety of your electrical system and make sure your heating and cooling units are functioning well. Our inspector will check for interior leaks surrounding windows and doors and go into your attic to look for leaks in your roof. Your plumbing system will need to investigated for problems as well.

Importance of Post Hurricane Inspections

There are many benefits to getting an inspection following a hurricane. The most important thing is for you and your family to have a safe home. Hurricanes are strong and powerful with the potential to do staggering amounts of damage. At the same time, they may cause issues that may not seem significant or noticeable at first. Therefore, home inspections provide you with ease knowing your home is in good hands. If your home has a lot of damage, an inspector will be able to give you an organized list with every problem and help you to begin the process of communication with your insurance company. If your house appears to be unaffected, the inspection will ensure there are no unseen issues that will affect you later or will reaffirm that your house is secure.

These inspections will help to speed up your insurance process as well. Though your insurance company will probably send out an inspector, when you hire On Your Side Inspections, you will have an objective third party. We will be able to give a written record of the problem of the damages so you will get the best possible claim from your insurance company. The insurance adjuster will also only report damages they will pay for. However, our home inspection Gainesville, FL experts will provide you with a thorough report that includes all areas that need repairs.

On Your Side Inspections in Gainesville, FL

Following a hurricane, hiring a home inspector is one of the most beneficial things you can do. Further, when regarding such a valuable investment it is important to choose a home inspector Gainesville, FL relies on as well. Our team serves the community with integrity and honesty. You are able to trust our reports and we will do everything we can to keep you and your family safe. After a hurricane, call On Your Side Inspections for the help you need.