New Construction Inspections

New construction inspections are used to ensure builders and municipal inspectors did not miss anything. Even though the construction team may be qualified and work diligently, there are a lot of variables that can go wrong when building a new house. It helps to have an extra set of eyes to watch out for issues with your new home during the construction process. Our team at On Your Side Inspections will prioritize each house and provide the home inspection Gainesville, FL, residents need to feel safe in their new home.

What Do New Construction Inspections Involve?

Our service provides multiple inspections, depending on the size of your new home, throughout the building process in order to verify all elements are thoroughly completed. Our Gainesville home inspectors will begin by analyzing the foundation to look for debris that may impact the integrity, inspect the rough grading, and evaluate the preparation for the structure of the house. Then we will make sure the framing for your home is sufficient and the drywall is added correctly. After it is completed, we will provide a final inspection to ensure the plumbing, HVAC, electricity and water drainage are properly functioning.

Why are They Important?

You may wonder why these inspections are so vital when your builders are experienced and a municipal inspection will be conducted. However, municipal inspectors are responsible for reporting only the bare minimum. They will not be as thorough or be able to commit as much time as our new construction inspectors in Gainesville, FL, will. Further, the construction superintendent is responsible for 50 to 60 houses at once so it may be difficult to keep track of each house properly. Your builders may offer a quality control inspection once the project is completed. Yet, they will be unable to see issues that may be within the house’s infrastructure. Because our team will have periodic inspections, we will be able to identify problems throughout the process.

What are the Risks of Not Having an Inspection?

Building a new house is a substantial investment. Without a third party Gainesville home inspection, you will risk the possibility of accepting unknown problems with your home that may cost you a lot of money later. Builders will normally provide a warranty for one year that covers any mistakes they made. However, if your issues appear after your warranty expires, you will no longer be able to make your builders cover it and will instead have to pay for repairs yourself.

On Your Side Inspections

In order to protect your investment, call On Your Side Inspections for your home inspection on a new build. Just because it is new, it does not mean it is flawless. You can call during the building process or before the one year builder's warranty expires. Preferably, our quality home inspector Gainesville, FL, relies on will be able to survey your home before you move in. If we do find something, your construction company will be able to cover the costs. Call today so you can trust and enjoy your new home.