Retaining Walls Inspections

Retaining walls are built in order to prevent soil on a natural slope from eroding. They are frequently used in landscaping to protect plants, line driveways or create visual interest. Overtime, they are constantly exposed to the elements and are susceptible to gradually becoming weakened. Therefore, it is important to have a home inspector Gainesville, FL, residents trust to regularly inspect your retaining walls such as On Your Side Inspections.

Dangers of Neglected Retaining Walls in Gainesville, FL

Problems with your retaining walls begin at installation if they are not built correctly. Retaining walls that are designed by professional engineers will be composed of materials that will be uniform and cohesive, but inexperienced builders may choose incompatible materials such as stone and concrete. Additionally, these builders may not insert control joints, which are responsible for relieving stress in the wall. After your retaining wall has been built, contact a new construction inspection to make sure that it has been designed properly and will last for years to come.

Walls that have significant numbers of cracks or have begun to lean or move must be tended to immediately. If not, the soil and water that is being held back by the retaining wall will continue to gain momentum and may destroy the wall completely. This will result in expensive repairs or potentially require a complete replacement. If the landscaping wall is located at a higher elevation, failure could also cause significant damage to any surrounding property or structures.

Signs That Your Florida Retaining Walls Are Compromised

It can be difficult to identify the condition of your retaining walls, but there are several signs you should be checking for regularly. Cracks are perhaps one of the most obvious factors to notice. They indicate movement and building pressure. The severity of the cracks can reveal if your retaining wall is currently being strained. Exposure to the elements and additional loads can cause walls to shift or collapse. If this occurs, the walls will appear to buckle or begin to lean away from the slope. Once you notice one of these changes, contact us immediately to assess the damage.

Indications of Poor Structure

During the inspection of your retaining wall, your Gainesville home inspectors will look for indications that it is no longer structurally sound. This includes:

  • Vertical Settlement
  • Horizontal, Vertical or Diagonal Cracking
  • Horizontal Shifting
  • Amount & Location of Previous Repairs
  • Cracked Stones
  • Displaced Stones or Bricks
  • Types of Materials Used
  • Bulging
  • Freeze/ Thaw Damage
  • Soil at the Base of the Wall

Reliable Home Inspectors in Gainesville, FL

When you need an inspection, contact On Your Side Inspections. We provide our clients with reliable and objective evaluations of their homes so they can make informed decisions when buying, selling or repairing houses. Our team provides a wide range of Gainesville home inspections depending on your need. Contact us today to schedule an appointment.