Support Structure & Structural Home Inspections

Whether you are buying a finished home or building it from scratch, it is important to have support structure and structural home inspections. It is easy to overlook small cracks, slight asymmetry in framing or improperly installed support beams and while it might not cause a problem at first, it could be detrimental in the long run. Structural flaws in a home can create weak points that can give way under unforeseen pressures having costly and disastrous results. They not only put the structural integrity of your home in jeopardy, but also the safety of you and your family. On Your Side Inspections, a Gainesville home inspection company, provides home inspectors to make sure your home is in tip-top shape.

What is a Structural Inspection?

A structural inspection is a report on the condition and integrity of a home’s or building’s structural elements, such as foundation and framing, to ensure that they are designed and built correctly to withhold the anticipated weight and pressures that will be placed on them and/or that they are continuing to function correctly. Structural inspections are crucial for maintaining the life of a home and to ensure the safety of those who inhabit it.

What is Inspected?

  • Foundation: All visible and accessible areas of the foundation, such as walls, floors and slabs, will be examined for signs of deterioration or poor installation. Signs could include cracks, bowing, slanting and even movement due to instability.
  • Basements/Crawl Spaces: Drainage around the house will be inspected for possible erosion of soil under the structure’s foundation. Basements and crawl spaces will be examined for possible water entry and excessive moisture that could deteriorate the foundation.
  • Support Structures & Framing: Floors, ceilings, support beams, columns and roof framing will be examined for wood deterioration, insect activity/rot, water damage, bowing, warping or poor installation that could give way under weight.
  • Roof: The roof and gutters of the house will be inspected for any sign of leakage and appropriate condition.
  • General: The interior and exterior of the house will be inspected for any distress or deterioration from weather or other factors that might compromise the stability of the structure.

Common Issues with Florida Support Structures

Common problems found with support structures in homes that are easy to spot but can cause serious damage if not addressed are: 

  • Shifting of Support Beams: Support beams can often shift when a home starts sinking and becomes unleveled due to soil erosion. Shifting in beams can be spotted if they are not parallel and if areas of the flooring or ceiling seems to be sagging.
  • Structural Movement: If cracks are visible on foundation beams it might be due to structural movement from foundation issues.
  • Mold & Rotting: Rotting or mold growth are easy to notice and can quickly ruin wooden beams and joists. Rotting and mold might be due to termites and/or excess moisture.
  • Shims: Non-standard materials used for house shimming such as plywood or sheet-rock don’t offer the necessary support and should be replaced with steel shims.

Home Inspections Gainesville, FL, Residents can Count On

There are factors in structural inspections that cannot always be accounted for or predicted such as swelling or shrinkage due to weather, movement of soil, etc. Because of this, the value and reliability of an inspection is dependent on the experience, training and qualifications of the inspector. It is important to contact a licensed, state-certified and insured home inspector to ensure that you will get the most precise report possible. On Your Side Inspections can provide you with a home inspector Gainesville, FL residents can rely on for peace of mind regarding their home. Contact us today.