Wind Mitigation & Verification

Florida is home to many hurricanes and large thunderstorms. These events are both capable of causing damage to your home. Therefore, insurance companies will charge you more for coverage if you live in a high risk area in case something happens. Wind mitigation inspections are available to give homeowners the chance to lower their payments. Inspectors look for different features that make your home more resistant to storms. If a certain number of features are found, your insurance company will reduce your price for annual insurance. Contact On Your Side Home Inspections today for a home inspection Gainesville, FL, residents use to receive discounts on insurance.

Areas of Focus

Wind mitigation and verification inspections focus on eight different factors in your home that prove your home can withstand a storm.

  1. Roof Covering

    Our inspectors will want to know if your roof was built to code and when it was added. If it was constructed after a certain date, you will be qualified for a discount.

  2. Secondary Water Barrier

    This barrier consists of a self-adhering underlayment that is placed directly on sheathing. Because it is underneath roofing materials, there must be documentation or photos from construction that prove this barrier exists.

  3. Wall Materials

    Gainesville home inspectors will analyze the materials that were used in order to construct the walls, framing, outer fascia and reinforcement of your home. Discounts will then depend on the type of construction. For example, if your builders used plywood and plastic siding, you will receive a discount that is smaller than if it was constructed concrete blocks.

  4. Shutters

    Because windows and doors are so susceptible to damage from flying objects carried by wind, you will need to have shutters or other devices to protect them. All openings such as windows and doors must be covered by hurricane rated protection.

  5. Roof Deck Attachment

    Our inspector will analyze the roof type and find out what method was used to secure it. For example, your builders may have used staples or nails. At this time, our Gainesville home inspection professional will note how long your nails are and the distance between them.

  6. Gable End Bracing

    If your home is gable style, your gable ends will need to be reinforced with 48 inch tall gable ends.

  7. Roof to Wall Attachment

    In order to prevent major roof damages, our team will analyze the various attachments that are used to secure the roof to the walls. Your discount for this area will depend on your level of protection.

  8. Roof Geometry

    Finally, our inspector will note the shape of your roof. If it is what is called a hip roof, or shaped like a pyramid, you can receive a discount. However, if it is flat, you will not because there is too much danger of water accruing on top.

Benefits of a Wind Mitigation Inspection

As noted before, insurance companies will give you discounts on your premium depending on the state of your home. Most often, these discounts will help you pay for the cost of the inspection. Additionally, you will be informed on the weaknesses of your house. This provides you the opportunity to further equip your house with features that will protect it from storms. Our inspectors will write their findings in the proper paperwork to turn in to your insurance company directly.

On Your Side Inspections

Unfortunately, there are many people who claim to be able perform inspections. However, unless they are certified, they will be unable to properly analyze your home and could miss important things. In this case, you will be forced to hire another inspector that will end up costing you more money. Instead, hire a home inspector Gainesville, Fl, trusts. On Your Side Inspections has years of experience that enable us to provide you with the thorough inspections you need for a safe home.